ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
2001-11-29 02:35:44 (UTC)

Operation Sand Man

I did it! Operation Sand Man was a massive success. :)

And I think I even precipitated the official repositioning
of the live webcam on the beach tourism site.. lol

I got up before 6am this morning, to drive down to the
beach before the happy holiday hordes arrived.

I had logged on before I left home this time, to check the
cam's beach positioning. I established where the optimum
site for my sand message was.. and off I went.

It's a glorious day, perfect sunny weather.. what a
gorgeous morning!

I excitedly made my beach sign, it was huge!! It read:


It was perfect. I rang him to tell him to check out the
site again.. and his reaction was excellent!

He watched me doing the finishing touches.

My heart is singing.. :)

(When I logged back online, I checked out the webcam site,
to see if I could still see it.. and I could!! But, about
10 minutes later, they've moved the cam's position so you
can't see it.. lol How outrageous is that?! I am a trouble
maker.. just living up to my name. :)

Mission Accomplished, Ms Trouble.

Another case closed, another notch in my belt. hehe

juju queen.. :)