ItWouldn't Matter

ThOUgHtS FrOm tHe CoRnEr
2000-11-16 21:37:12 (UTC)

I hope this diary shows some..

I hope this diary shows some people that there are real thoughts
in the world. Not just, "what am I going to wear," "who likes who,"
or any other superficial things.. but true thoughts. I have a lot of
emotion in what I write, so try to take it seriously. Here's a poem:


I truly thrive in my world
A better place
Where a spectrum of spirit exists
Truth and beauty in its purest
Like a captivating bubble
Popped by the slightest corruption
My heart rests there
Where it cannot be beaten..
It cannot be battered by the cruel society
Until the solitude sours
Into lonliness
My heart will creep out of my pure world
A thirst for more light
But all it will see is the cold darkness
It's subtle presence going unnoticed
My heart will never find its place here
So I let it rest inside the world
Until the lonliness takes over..
Like the slow coming of winter
Frosting a proud flower
Into death

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