Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
2001-11-29 02:27:58 (UTC)

November 28: Feelin' Crunkycool

Wow, I'm really excited I was goin' login' on to write,
when I saw I got my first reply (actually two) on my
journal. I know it may seem stupid but you're not me. So
odviously you don't know I act.

See I've always been overlooked throughout my life so any
attention is good. People see me as the grounded reliable
one, someone they can depend on that I'll be there doin' my
best. Now most of the time I like bein' look at like that,
but it's like when I feel I've achieved something worth
taking notice of and saying 'good job' I don't get it.
Like, not to seem egotistic, but I've alway have gotten
straight A's, so when I do nobody's there saying 'Hey,
that's a good report card.' but if Angela passes with D's
people are like 'Wow great job, you actually didn't fail
algebra this year.' Now is it just me but doesn't it seem
like the underachievers get rewarded for doin' average,
while, the overachievers are overlooked? To me that's not
making them do better because they're thinkin' 'hey if I do
less then what's expected of me I'll be rewarded.' I don't
know, maybe I'm just making too big of a deal over it.
How did I get on that subject anyways??

Well, two days ago Kyle was doing some intense flirting
with me, I was so happy 'cause that means he notices me.
And lately Aaron stops by my locker to talk. oh, and this
one guy was hittin' on me. He's pretty cute and even though
he's a playa and I wouldn't date him it made my day. So I'm
just...on cloud 9. But it's strange, 'cause just last year
guys would barely take notice of me and when they did I
would freak out and say something stupid. But this year I'm
just...crunky-cool. Maybe it has something to do with the
high school air.

Well Got 2 Go. I have some major Spanish Homework to do.


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