Forgotten Misery
2001-11-29 02:26:49 (UTC)


Well here I am again typing away. Sniffles I feel so bad
right now its not even funny I was so close to calling my
mom and telling her to pick me up from school early but I
didnt cause I had to take a history test today. My ear
hurts my throat is swelling and my nose is all stuffy and
I have all this drainge shit going on im so miserable rite
now. Well my house is sold and my parents have bought a
new house its really nice and I have the nicest room thats
really big its close to the size of most master bedrooms
and it has 2 closets and 2 windows that over look a ravine
that has trees and a stream going through it...Its the only
place alone time ago that the indian tribes didnt fight it
was a peace ground so theres a bunch of arrow heads and
stuff and thats kinda cool. Its an older house thats
basically redone in the inside and looks new its nice cause
u have trees and and stuff that is not in most areas of
columbus since its a big growing city. My new highscool is
olentangy in powel ohio and the new house is on ravine road
and the area code in ohio is 614 so im learning slowly joy
nothing like having to remeber a new addresse and number
plus i bet my cell will change to grrrrr. G was supposed
to go see me but plans got broke again and thats not coo
but i gota deal its just i want to spend all the time with
him i can befor i leave and i have like hardly anytime left
and its hard cause i have to study my ass off and get my
grades up which is hard cause i have 2 ds and ahhhh well im
off to bed cause i feel like shit and my depression is
hitting my like a damn rock and im just always sad and
angry i need to get new meds well im gone