Borrowed Light
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2001-11-29 02:25:36 (UTC)

if happiness is real then this is it

well guess what spence and all you happy diary readers?? me
and joe finally worked all our stuff out and got together!
beck is still talking to me and that is a very good sign..
right now it seems all is good, i am seriously thinking
about leaving busta move thought because it is getting
really bad and i dont want to dance this aturday. it is
really obvious that they are focused on the earthly side of
things eg. looking good on stage etc etc...

i mean they want me to haul myself back down to the coast
at 3pm on saturday for a photos hoot? a photo shoot hello?
who put that in the contract, all i wnat to do is dance i
dont want any of this superficial stuff that goes along
with it, thats just crap, you cant tell me that anyone can
be fully focused on the big guy uptairs if they are getting
pampered and standing in front of a camera for hours.. you
have to slip back into mortalness for a while and at leats
onder if you look good or whatever... so yeah im calling
kel tonight, wish me luck!

im in computers again at teh moment and i have nothing much
to do, i am sposed to be doing a powerpoint assignment but
i dont know how and i cant be bothered... :) geeze im

i have lots of assignments to do tonight and my maths one
is looking superb at the moment! i am up to question 5 and
there is 6 question then all i have to do is a good copy
and hand it in, then i am finished for the year! tomorrow
is my lat day, finally! it has been such a big year for me,
with all this moving and becoming an entirely new person
and all, i think have have made than transition and coped
considerably well...

best go and at least attempt to do this work before i fail
or something equally harsh and horrific, just a special
thankyou to everyone reading and following this, please
write me messages so i knwo you are there!

well i wont talk to you until maybe sunday because i am
going on camp tomorrow night and i have to work tonight,
but dont fret i will be back

lots o love