life thru my eyes
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2001-11-29 01:56:22 (UTC)

getting to know the weirdness that is my life

Since this is my first little diary entry i'll kinda
fill you in on my life. I'm a high school junior at a
school that i absolutly hate. I play tennis and run track,
right now i'm doing the track thing. I have a boyfriend of
a little over two years, Kevin, who is off at college. I
have a couple of close friends that i'm sure you'll hear
about soon enough. My life can get pretty boring on a day
to day basis but sometimes, things can get kinda exciting.
So you'll have to hang around and read my entries to get a
feel on my life and hear about all the dramatic stuff that
goes on. I would kinda like people to read it. I am
writing it to vent my frustrations but it would feel kinda
pointless if people didn't read it and comment on it. So
if you've got something to say i'd really like to hear it.

And don't think i'm a really bad person when i start
talking shit about people. I know i'm gonna do that a lot
on here. Part of venting my frustrations will be talking
shit about people so nobody get offended. I have some
friends that all have their little diaries on here and they
read each other's and get into huge fights over what they
say about one another. I find it quite entertianing, thats
one reason i started this, haha.

and don't make fun of me, i know i can't spell. so here
goes nothing...........

So now i'm going to bitch and whine because this is my
diary and i can! I'm so tired of highschool. I feel like
the work i do is completly pointless and even more of the
reason i hate highschool is all the damn drama. I just
wanna tell everyone off and explain to them how ignorant
they r. Thats something to really bitch about - the
ignorant people at my school. there r so many of
the "normal" people as Jenna as i like to call them (aka
preps) who think the world rotates around their head. just
by being all fabulous and high and mighty they lower
everyone else's self esteem and i'm pissed off about it.
why can't they just be friends with everyone? anways, that
brings and end to my bitching for the evening.

I thank anyone that has stuck around this long to read my
ramblings. Check back, i want people to read it. And let
me know if u read it!

Lots of Love,