2001-11-29 01:32:56 (UTC)


Today is a day that I have to work at 6:30pm. This means
it's cold and dark outside. My step mom has decided that
she has to take me so I don't end up in the cold. This is
incredibly sweet and helpful to me. The only problem is her
attitude about it. She yelled at me and got mad at me for
making a decision that affects us all without asking. Hello
am I missing something? When I got this job the transit
people told me I could make it there easy. Well they were
wrong. No big deal though I figured out a way with bus and
bike. It was a pain but it worked. besides dad said I
should have my license soon. I had no reason not to believe
him I mean I'm old enough,have a car,have a paermit and am
a godo driver. I looked at it as I can get myself there and
back until I get my license. I didn't know no one was goong
to do what they were supposed to to help me. I didn't know
that months later I stil(argh still I am sooooo mad) don't
have my lciense. So yeah lady I made this huge decision
affecting you without consulting you. Had you both done
what you were supposed to this wouldn't have affected you.
If she spent half as much time in the car with me as she
did whining at me we could get somewhere. She gets so mad
about taking me to work. i'm like it's only 2 days a week.
I can drive there if you'd let me. So all you have to do is
sit there then drive yourself back. It's only 15 minutes to
get there. I get myself everywhere else I need to go(which
is never easy)or I don't go(which is more usual. I am so
tired of missing out on things.) Argh. She makes me so mad.
I try so hard no to ask for much. I'm still stewing about
that last one where she accused me of being a bad daughter
inconsiderate etc. I was trying to be nice to her these
last few nights becuase she was nice to me. It's been hard
htough. I could so go on and on.

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