Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2001-11-29 01:25:12 (UTC)

Eddying whorls of chaos

Just as the world is a crazy place, here I go in my descent
into madness....

Alice In Chains - Down In A Hole (an old favourite, Alice
Linkin Park - In The End (Hey, sounds really kewl)
(man, there's a lot of commercials on the radio!!!)
Ozzy Osborne - Flying High Again (Can't like his music no
matter what...)
Offspring - Come Out And Play (Keep 'em Separated) (Catchy)
Disturbed - Voices (soundz like noiz to me)
Nickelback - Breathe (Sounds pretty cool)
ACDC - Moneytalks (Acrobatic dudes with loud mouths)
Beatles - Revolution (Who the heck are these guys!?)
Pearl Jam - Dissident (....Hey, I got this album!)
Kid Rock - ?????? (Who cares, this guy is annoying)

Time for some self-assessment......uh, erm, I likes lots of
money, duhhhhhhhhh.....reason? CUZ I LIKE TO BUY STUFF!
Jeez...why do I need to find out who I am and junk like
that when I don't really care!?!?!?!? I dunno, probably my
personality or something...having fun is important, keeping
a job is not, ha ha lol. Yeah, I'm screwed alright........