Blurbs of the Moderately Insane
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2001-11-29 00:45:22 (UTC)

Sinking Feeling

Do you ever snitch on someone's little 'joke' when you feel
they've gone to far?

I was a tiny part of a joke on this poor, morbidly serious,
insanely gullible guy. Two of my other friends were playing
like they had been discussing something of interest and
the 'jokee' kept asking what it was and they kept
saying 'nothing'. So, they finally told him that they had
been invited to a swingers party and asked if he'd want to
go along as well. He said yes, because he's trying to be an
open minded guy. So, they kept up the charade and I thought
it was funny, so I got involved too and told him the party
was at my house. When I realized he fully believed them and
was actually trying to find a 'date', I decided it had gone
to far. I tried to break the news to him as gently as
possible, but asked him to keep my name out of it if he
confronted the 'jokers' about it. He later told me that he
told them he knew all along they were joking, and he had
actually gotten a date to play along with it but they had
ended up going to a swingers party of their own.

The reason I told him was the risk of potential
embarrassment. What if he had actually been asking girls to
go to a swingers party with him?

The 'jokers' said they were going to let the joke dissolve
into obscurity, but, I just didn't think it was right that
they let the joke go on as long as they had.

Maybe I'm going to bat for the underdog here, but I think
what I did was right. If someone was playing a joke on me
like that and I was gullible enough to believe them I would
want someone to burst my bubble and make me see that people
I trusted were treating me like the fool they thought I was.

I don't know..

I think one of the 'jokers' suspects that I told
the 'jokee'. He made a point of telling me what he's like
when he's grumpy, or upset with someone. I thought it
was kind of odd. Maybe I'm just paranoid. The other 'joker'
hasn't been around much at all lately and has recently
adopted a new female friend. I suspect she knows I tattled.
I'm probably just paranoid tho. She does have classes and
finals are coming up quickly. And the other 'joker' is
usually kind of cranky and complains alot. I'm just
paranoid I think. I don't like putting myself in the middle
of situations like this, but sometimes my mouth works
quicker than my brain and I screw myself from all

Any thoughts?