2001-11-29 00:22:17 (UTC)

New diary

otay, well, i'm writing in this new diary, wishing i had a
live journal...damn my lack of money.
to start off, my name is Gaby (Gabriella), i'm 14
(freshman), i go to george washington high school in
chicago, IL, I listen mostly to punk and a bit of ska and
am female. my in-school friends are elisa, joseph, and
jesse. and i spend most of my time talking to all my
friends in #pie and #pacult in mIRC and playing my
well, there's not much to say as of late. i stayed home
from school today cause i was sick--which lead to me not
being able to see my boyfriend, jose, today or yesterday,
yesterday cause i left school early. not much, see. i
dunno, i guess i was pretty used to the whole "being
fickle" with guys, that i didn't expect myself to like jose
all that much, but not seeing him for two days makes me
feel ickier than i already did. i'm thinking it could be
cause we don't go to the same school, which is a big
difference, i've had a lot of boyfriends, but, i dunno, i
like him a lot, and he says the same thing, cept for the
part where he's had a lot of girlfriends, cause i'm his
first. that's the other strange part, usually my bf's are
more experienced, and go straight for the kill (i.e. -
trying to touch stuff that happen to be attached to me),
but he hasn't done anything like that, and usually i'd get
bored, but i just can't get bored with him....i don't like
feeling like this, mostly cause i know i'm only 14, i
understand that i shouldn't be having such feelings towards
people yet, but i just can't help it. :P well, i gotta go
now, older sis is buggin me to get on...bye

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