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2001-11-29 00:03:34 (UTC)

Jus Saying Hi...


Today was a weird day I have alot going on in my life..
Between my family , school , and my personal life I dont
know which one is going to kill me quicker..
Lets start with my family.. My mom is married to a woman
while my dad ( which is the biggest PERV. in the world )
calls me like once every two months to let me know he wants
to hear my voice , which I believe is a load of smelly
crap. My sister is pregant and my mom wont let me visit.. I
miss all my friends since my mom dragged me to Tallahassee
and made me leave my sister and friends.. which i miss SO
much ) .. I have no life here , cuz i know like NO ONE..
my skool life is almost as bad as my home life.. I dont
ever do anything ( but my mom is on my troat to get good
grades) I just finished up a skool play called 'Harvey' so
now i REALLY dont have anything to do..
My personal life is going down the drain.. I was with a guy
for 2 years in Miami b4 I moved here and had to break it
off becuz i moved here.. and now this guy at skool is
telling me he LOVES me Xcept for the fact he acts like Im
not alive around certain peoplez.. well thats enough for
now.. I feel as if i type anymore Ill cry so yeah.. write
to ya L8erz..

' Live like your going to die tomorrow, Love as if you were
to livr 4 ever...' ~* ME *~

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