Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2001-11-28 23:43:29 (UTC)

Today was pretty boring. I just..

Today was pretty boring. I just layed around all mom wouldn't let me go to school and so I didn't
have anything else to do. Actually I was talking to her
last night and she said that she was going to go to a
shrink and that I was going too. Hmmmm....ok I don't have
a problem going and I don't really mind my mom going but it
makes sense now that I am crazy when my parents are
obviously not stable. I wish that I was absolutly
brilliant. That would be cool. Yeah well
anyway...Stephanie and Clark came over today and that was
fun but I just get sad when I see them together and happy.
I know that one of them is going to get hurt! I mean hello
she can't even picture having sex with this guy....I know
that isn't all of it but still she can usually picture
screwing guys that she is interested in or dating!!! Not
that she is a hoe or anything because she hasn't had sex
yet or anything but......oh ok here is something I can
bable I basically had nothing to do but
watch tv so at one point I was watching A Baby Story....all
I can say is ewwwww!!! I obviously don't have those
maternal instincts...the lady was so stupid she wanted to
have a natural childbirth.....what in the hell was she
thinking???? That is why they invented all of those
painkillers then the lady let her kids watch as the baby
came out..the lady was yelling hysterically and her kids
were looking all freaked out who wouldn't be if your mom
was yelling like hell and their was something coming out of
her....I mean if I was 5years old I would be scarred for
life. After that whole ordeal I reassured myself not to
have kids. Oh also her stomach was discusting!!! All of
those strech marks.....make me vomit....that is just so
unattractive.....and you have all the expenses....and what
do you get out of it? The kid grow up and leaves
anyway....I mean if you actually have to produce something
to love and have love you back that is kinda twisted (Im
not saying this is the sircumstance for all births but it
is true for some). I just don't want a kid. I'll buy a
plant enstead or maybe a dog. Or if it is that
unacceptablr to my parents I'll get one of those kids from
oversea and give it some money. God, I am in a bad mood
tonight. Well not to have something to blame it on but I
have been PMSing all week and that should stop soon since
the obvious was discovered. I know you don't want to know
that but hell it is just the way things are.