a brat
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2001-11-28 23:23:31 (UTC)

this week

this week suxed because first i have not been getting along
with the guy that i was dating so i broke it off and then
he thinks we're getting back together which we are not.
then my best friend runs off to reno with the guy that she
has only been dating a month and marries him. i think it
was stupid but at the same time i am glad that she is happy
because that is what matters most.
but it caused her to not only lose her job but he might to
and i got the blame from him when i know that it wasn't my
but things should be fine now even though not everything is
perfect and shit, but everyone has survived the arguemants
and crap so i guess that its all good.
there is this really bad thing that happened the other
night that is really disgusting. this guy that i liked a
hells long time ago came over and when he was leaving he
kissed me. well i dont like him anymore and i think he's a
complete jerk to tell the truth and i guess that not only
my mind didnt want him to kiss me but my body was saying no
because as soon as i got through the living room door i
threw up all over the place. no questions asked i am never
letting that boy try that agin. i guess he thinks that now
since he is legal enough to date me that he wants to . he's
about a year and 11 months younger and he's now 18
not when it makes me sick to be even touched by