My Unknown World
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2001-11-28 23:00:57 (UTC)


hmm... well today was good other then it being so fucking cold and wont stop raining!!!!!!! I spent most the day thinking about the things Tae said on the phone last night. Love is so strange. How do you really know its true love? I cant quit wondering where this love came from. Just outta no where it hits you unexpectly. But i have always told people it will come when its least expected. People try to find love and in this world its so hard to find cuz you gotta let love find you and stay open minded. Its funny how things work out. I would have never guessed this would happen between Tae and me. But ever since he told me how he felt my life has been so much better. I see him as a some what different person now. He speaks with his heart more now instead of his head. I hope every thing works out well between us cuz i care alot about him. Id like to have a future with him. But i'll have to see what happens. Every thing i do now I think about him and wonder if he would approve of it. I dunno why i do that. Its strange. ..... well we gotta freaking tornado warning here so i guess i better get my ass outta here...... :-)

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