Heart of Tanglewood

The Ravings of a Teenage Girl
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2001-11-28 22:45:43 (UTC)

Wild Hair Day

Today was Wild hair day at our school. Yes, I know most
schools don't have those but our school does. I braided mine
like Alanis Morissette in that video and my mom used colored
hair spray in Blue and Silver. It was pretty cool. Alot of
people did their hair.

Anyway, today D was flirting with me a bit. I started it but
he kept it going. He hasn't flirted with me in 2 months.
Nicole's Mom was watching us during studyhall and she told me
that D was Trouble (in a joking way of course!) but that just
made me like him even more! I take back everything I said
about Nicole. She's great. I "Accidentally" told her I like
D (Mrs. Big Mouth is sure to slip it to him.) She's just
like me, has a BigMouth. I believe Nicole's Mom cause D and
Nicole used to date. So I'm crossing my fingers that she'll
either tell someone who knows D or D himself. But see I
don't want to just outright and say it to him (although that
would be the mature thing to do) because that would also seem
desperate (and D doesn't like desperate girls). Anyway,
Scott (one of D's close friends) I think already knows I like
D but I don't think he's told D.

While me and D where flirting, Lee (whose like 12 but reminds
me of my brother) goes "are you guys going out?" D and I
deny it but I don't think is a bad idea, and I don't think D
did either.

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