Kris L.

Demon Cleaner
2001-11-28 22:21:38 (UTC)

Americans Are Gay

I just got a call from a buddy in Athens about a person of
Middle Eastern descent being harrassed to the point of a
near riot at a gas station in my hometown for being Middle

read on.

I hope none of you wonder why it is that people hate
Americans. We came to this country and colonized it under a
pretense of violence. We brought this continent's people to
their knees, forced them off their land, killed animals,
wildlife, and whatever else got into our way. Afterwards,
we brought over people from Africa to do the work for us.
We let them go later on, yeah, but then we whine when they
get pissed off for keeping them down for about 100 years
after they were "freed." We fight a couple of World Wars,
one of which was ultimately necessary for the good of
mankind. Later on, we go to a country halfway around the
world and commit all kinds of war crimes that we are never
tried for (Vietnam for those of you who don't read
history). History books would tell you that the Vietnam War
was this and that and the other, but they never say how
wrong it was (a fact, not an opinion: we had no reason to
go to Vietnam other than political). Even later still, one
of us goes nuts and kills John Lennon. And even later
still, our oil prices go up and we go blow up a country,
under the guise of the protection of freedom. (a fact, not
an opinion: we would have waited ten years if Saddam had
attacked Greenland before we retaliated. Instead, he
attacked oil-rich Kuwait with Saudi Arabia next door.) Then
we got kicked in the balls by a large, random group of
terrorists a couple of months ago.

These are people who missed the point. See, when you do
that to a country like the US, government policy generally
dictates that eventually a small country full of brown
people is going to be a pile of dust soon after. We have a
justice system that works about 30% of the time in our own
country, so it would seem only necessary to kill the people
responsible for these attacks instead of trying to "bring
them to justice." The problem is, we have a lot of people
we're going to have to try and kill. EVERYONE hates us.
Why? Look above. If it isn't obvious, then keep reading.
There is a book called "Lies My Teacher Told Me" that
should be essential reading for every high school student.

If you want to understand this war and who we're fighting,
then you have to understand why the enemy is our enemy. We
are actually fighting for freedom. If we don't fight the
terrorists, if we don't seek revenge for the slaughter of
those people in NYC, DC, and Pennsylvania, then we lose our
basic freedoms as humans. But when we are done, we better
sweep up. Because if we don't, there are going to be all
kinds of new pockets popping up all over the place. And
sweeping doesn't mean hassling Ahmed at the BP station.
That is a message you aren't going to get from your
fearless leader, GW Bush, or his advisors.

We should go into this war with humility and patience.
Otherwise, it's just a big cock suck.

Kris L.
[email protected]