Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2001-11-28 22:08:13 (UTC)

nonlinearity and chaos

Dear Diary,

Okay, you know that one plus one is two, and two plus two
is four, but what is three times the cosine of the natural
log of the radius of the earth divided by the gravitational
constant to the 2nth power? Hard, huh? The first two
examples are straightforward, and linear, if you will,
while the last is slightly complicated. You see, if I was
able to put all of my problems into a simple equation and
solve it linearly, then that would be great. What I find
though, are things that creep out of nowhere and add to the
equation, thus introducing 'noise' if you will, and just
adds all the more complexity into the issue. Is it
solvable? Of course, but it takes time to get back to the
original problem, and then perseverence (which I am in
short supply of these days) to stick to that original
equation, and not add more variables, or degrees of
freedom, into it. The solution? Total perfection, and
that's an end unto itself.

So there. Taking off now, your buddy, GW.