Kris L.

Demon Cleaner
2001-11-28 21:53:39 (UTC)

How good New Order is

I can't stop writing in this thing.

I'm listening to the newest New Order CD, called Get Ready.
Why they aren't playing this on heavy rotation on rock
radio right now is beyond me. It's so good. It sounds just
like their older stuff, with a couple of songs containing
that old Joy Division riffing that I love so much.

So, I'm back to the sober and steady world of living right
now. I'm waiting for word on a job prospect, actually about
10 of them. So far, nada. Zero. Zip. I'm busted broke, with
about $100 to my name. The job I DO have nailed down is not
steady or healthy, for that matter. I work as a door guy in
a bar called The Lunch Paper. It's a great job...tomorrow,
I get to drink and watch cartoons all night with this guy
Jeff, who is a bartender. He's a great guy, one of the most
intellegent people I've ever met. It's good to work in a
place where the people you work with are great people. A
few nights ago, I had a conversation with a girl named
Forest (I hope that's how she spells it) about a friend of
ours named Ray Burton who died in an auto accident this
summer. We hadn't talked about him before. I hadn't REALLY
talked to Forest before. It was hands-down one of the best
conversations I've ever had with someone. We were out of
the bar at 3:40 and stood outside talking until about 4:30.
It brought back a lot of great memories about Ray.

To give you a little insight into Ray's world, he was a
mod. Not just the clothes, but the entire attitude. He
drove a custom Vespa, he had massive records that he spun
like a magician, he had a vocabulary that would kill a man
from ten feet away who wasn't as sure-footed (but, as
Forest said, he was as much a genius with words as he was
an idiot at math). He worked at the Lunch Paper for a
while, and the last time I saw him was the day before he
died. He was listening to Booker T. and the MG's. Ray and I
had gone through a bit of a rough patch this summer, and we
were sharing war stories. If Ray was anything, he was a
loyal helper to his friends. He basically got me the job at
the Lunch Paper, although it was about a year ago when he
brought it up to the owner and I only have worked there a
couple of months.

But now he's gone, and I miss him greatly. What else can I
say? Life goes on, as much as we would rather it stop for a
while. I've been trying to figure out why things happen for
too long, instead of just accepting that things happen
sometimes for no apparent reason. You learn the reason
later, when you've worked through all those mistakes you
make, or you get through the grief of losing the people you

Better go off and get something accomplished today before
hope fades.

Kris L.
[email protected]

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