Feelings Journal
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2001-11-28 21:39:50 (UTC)

Emotional Abuse

I am going through a tough time right now. I am being
emotionally abused by my parents. I am going to be 38 years
old this coming Tuesday. I have no one to talk to about
this. Also, there are no physical scars so it is hard to
prove. It is their word against mine. The rest of my
family supports them in this.

I lost a lot of weight recently and men started noticing me
and flirting with me and my mother diskliked this VERY MUCH.
My father has a problem with me being intimate with a man so
he goes along with her hurting me.

My mother has also worked for lawyers for about 18 years and
knows how to legally "punish" me and get away with it. I
have a hard time communicating with people and am very quiet
and I realize now that it was them that was and still is
making me this way.

My aunt is also involved in this. She, I believe, has been
the instigator. It was a mistake that I made in not getting
my license and taking a ride with her to work everyday.
Even though I am of adult age, she thought it her business
to search my apartment and found some things that were
personal that she didn't like so she shared it with my
parents and family. I don't understand why they can do this
to me and get away with it. I am an adult and my personal
life is none of their business.

My parents have me going to see a psychiatrist and therapist
and they put me on antidepressants and sleeping pills. They
know that antidepressants have sexual side effects and
that's what they want.

If I try to say that I'm not going they threaten to call 911
and say that I'm violent and have me taken away. I can't
take this anymore. I can't take their psychological
problems anymore and I don't know what to do. Does anybody
have any suggestions for me? Questions?