Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2001-11-28 21:26:03 (UTC)


Hey today was a really quite cool day. I had soo much fun.
I feel really bad for Becca tho, cuz ya her friend came for
her monthly visit for the first time, and she had to go
home to get new pants. I felt so sorry for her. But it was
only in zero hour, so it wasn't a big deal. I had a lot of
consoling to do last night. My friend Erica just broke up
with her boyfriend James and she really really liked him.
But she'd doing okay, starting to move on. Guess what?
Jewlz is still in love with Caleb. Big I don't
know if any of our others friends but me know, cuz she told
me not to say anything so I'm not gunna. I really hope
things work out for her though. I think that my life's
pieces are starting to fall somewhat into place tho! Oh
man, last night, as you might have known, was such a great
night. I talked to Zack on the phone and he played his
guitar for me, and we talked about doing stuff it's sooo
great! I really like him. Kristin and I are starting to
sort through things so we can be friends again, but I know
that it will just never be the same. Things at home are
really good now tho. The parents are actually talking
instead of just yelling all the time. It's great. I hope I
get to see Zack this weekend. I think that we are gunna go
moonlight bowling on Friday. I love bowling. My PE class is
soo great. It's so much fun. Me and Jimi have a big
competition going on to see who can get the better score.
Today I beat him I got a 94 and he got a a 76. haha soo
much fun. He always tries to trip me tho and I usually just
about fall. Oh well, its still funny and fun. Well, I guess
that's all for now, when I get off the phone with Zack I'm
sure I will have a lot more interesting things to say, but
for now, LOVE!