My problems.
2001-11-28 21:10:56 (UTC)

A Little Poem I Wrote In Studyhall...

Life is great
But not all is well.
Things could be better,
But I'm happy where I stand.

Fast and swift
The days move on.
Slow and steady
My life goes on.

Self pity is the only way to feel bad.
But if you thing good thoughts
And good thinks alone
You will be happy for the rest of your days.

Things that make you smile,
Things that make you laugh,
Things that make you happy,
And not always sad.

Life is worth living
Or atleast I've come to find out
Be happy what you were given
Instead of worrying about what you don't got.

Do what you beleive is right in your heart,
And not always what others tell you.
They could be wrong,
But your heart... Will never fail you.