Blood and Chocolate
2001-11-28 21:07:32 (UTC)


Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here! I am so like I don't know how I
feel ! But omg today was so funny !!! LOL , in 7th hour my
teacher was telling us about her kids and how she didn't
want kids for so long and how she told her husband when she
was pregnate with there first child ! anyways when she told
them she went into his office slamed the door and said 'I
have something to share with you !!!!!!! You Knocked me
up !' and he goes ' OH well I guess we uh see my package
is in order!' LOL !!!!! I thought that was so funny !!!
haha ! and then she told us about how she was pregnate with
her second child and she went to the mall to ' walk the
baby off' and it was right before spring break and the kid
was like 2 days late and she was huge!!!! and she is this
skinny lil thing and she was saying how her stomach was
like huge! anyways she was at the mall and these 5 18yr old
girls were all tan and buying swim suits and my teacher and
her friend were walking by and the girls heads just turned
one by one and they were whispering and stuff . well my
psycho teacher went up to them and was like ' YES I KNOW I
IS LATE! (blah blah blah )' anyways she was like screaming
at these girls and they were like 'sorry we have just never
seen a lady that pregnate before' !!! lol ! my teacher is
so awesome ! it was so funny !!! haha ! and today her
desk cought on fire cause she always has these candles
burning and some girl was like ' umm Mrs.D? your um desk is
on fire!' LOL !!omg funny stuff! umm what else happend ?
hmmmm OMG adam just got online!!!:) !!! cool stuff!! thats
so awesome ! Oh Ericka broke up with tim as you all know
but umm I have had this kinda crush on this Jr. named Dave
I really don't know him that well and he probably thinks I
am crazy but she is like all over him now ! and he is one
of Tims best friends! I was so upset with her ! cause she
says she doesn't like him but whatever! I don't know
about her ! she is an odd one ! she is a sweetie but she is
so I don't know how to say it but yea ! anyways I have to
go cause my sister needs me to type her paper up for her !