Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2001-11-28 21:04:43 (UTC)


Well, today.
Today has been...unusual. I did a crappy piece of art work,
and got stamped for it, claiming it was minimalism. Haha!
I got another for saying it is called "I'm a silkworm",
and "I called it, 'i'm a silkworm' because theres so much
glue to wrap it up, it looks pretty."
Hmm...k, maths was stupid, and we had this really twatty
teacher. But he's better than Mr B. I guess.

Hmm..pretty boring day actually.
Sleep, school, homework.

I have a German assignment in tomorrow, I have a media one
in for next week and I still have my english one in for
two weeks on Thursday.

Argh! Last night Sam FORCED me to download the newer
version of MSN. =( I hate it!
It's so ugly and childish. I want it like it was before!
Just plain and simple.
I guess I just don't like change, but this new version is
just horrible.

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