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Emo Violence
2001-11-28 20:28:11 (UTC)


so ive come to the conclusion that will and them are
definately avioding me, what, we havent hung out for a
week, we used to hang out ever other day, now we dont even
get pizza after school, somthing is up, im not stupid, of
course its simple, apaprently when someone you have just
befreinded in the past, WHAT!?! MONTH, takes comfortability
prefernce over someone who has been a friend for over a
year. makes sence right, obviously why should I be will's
friend anymore, clearly, jim (new kid) should quickly take
my place in the circle of friends, or at least bump me
out. definately logical. ya know what really pisses me
off, this boy hurt me so much, why would any true friend
not stick up for me, defend me, even (god forbid) tell this
kid off for what he did to me. but apparently that wasnt a
thought, to my deal friend will. (why would it) i see how
much our frienship is worth, that goes along with jarred
and alicia as well. the only thing i can manage to sum
this up is "I see how it is."

i plan to express all these feelings soon to will, probably
tonight, he tells me he needs to talk to me about somthing
important, a few suppostions... Jim told him i said
somthing bad about him. Matt sold me out. hmm whatelse,
maybe he realized that better end teh freindship not before
he can POSSIBLY feel any guilt.

maybe its just time to move on. maybe im done with these
kids. seems logical to me. life goes in phases as rocky
would say, maybe this is just time to make new friends,
seems about right i guess. its just a shame that the whole
frienship leading up to now has been bullshit.