confessions and love letters
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2001-11-28 20:16:54 (UTC)

grow wings=chemical reaction

"awww peanut
awww baby
awww chubby
awww shorty

Just thought I would throw you a few of mine.

keheheheeeh, many thanks to peanut.

listening: lots of ani d. and aimee mann lately.
tonight i get $75 for flyering in the freezing cold. not
bad. that gives me $175 to spend on christmas presents.
weee. school was bleh, i didn't fail my math test though!
57%. i am the master. found more models for the fashion
show. and getting really excited bout it too. i have most
of my costumes planned out..can't wait to do hair and
makeup. best part for sure. ate too many wheat/dairy-free
chocolate chip cookies, soo good. -rubs tummy-.
imma gonna go be sick now.