Sleeping with the lights on
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2001-11-28 19:59:32 (UTC)

Denial, Revisited.

So, here we go..having the same old fight again. So there he
goes, same old game that never ends. If I could say all
the right words I know I could make you stay, if I could say
all the right words things would work out alright.
If you go, I won't believe that it's forever. And you can
go, but I'll never leave coz it's not over.
Replay last night, talking it out won't make it right. I
know he's tried, my whole world is him and it's gone now.
And if you go I won't believe that it's forever, I won't let
go even if he says that it's over. I know it'll be different
this time, if you just stay.
And we will write this story how did it end it was you and
me for all our lives. Don't say that we'll try again, and if
I just hold you we could last. But he stands slowly with
tears down his face and it means oh God this is the end. I
waited for you but there's nothing more now I can do.
How did you know?
How did you know?

I can't help but feeling like I'm dying slowly.

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