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2001-03-30 00:26:59 (UTC)

*cries* i am so bored..bleh i..

*cries* i am so bored..bleh i wrote in my other journal not
to long ago but as u know this is my 'secret' journal or not gonna get to talk to ryan until sunday
unless he calls or i call him :( *cries more* i got my
papers to go get my permit but tha place was closed so mom
will prolly take me to get it tomorrow..this journal is a
lot different than my i think i like my other better but cant take
tha risk of corey findin it soooooo looks like im stuck
here..i found other places but they suck worse than here so
bleh on gonna miss ryan, seriously, i hope i get
to talk to him before sunday..i need to break up with corey
i love him but he isnt what i want hes too controlling and
we always argue and blah but i cant im too nice when it
comes to this sort of thing :/ i wish i could send it
through email itd make life easier BUT im not gonna be a
coward im gonna at least do it over tha phone..know what im
sayin? so like chelsey and ryan r tha only people who read
this :D ahwell...blehblehblehblehbleh thats how i feel..i
feel like crap im so confused and empty damnit damnit
damnit suck ass suck ass suck ass i need to cut this is tha
hardest thing ive had to give go throw up but mom
and steve r home and theyd freak out...ill wait till they
go to sleep...corey gets home from work between 8 and 830 :
( i dont want to talk to him i feel bad i wish i could j
sut do it and get it over with..fuk fuck fukk fucking shit a duck screw a kangaroo finger band an
orangutang orgy at tha zoo..anyways i have a huge ass
german test tomorrow and i havent even started studying.. i
need to i have to pass it.suck tomorrows my last day before
spring break so thats fun and exciting..jesSICa hates
relationships damnit *boycotts bois* hehehehehe ya right
like thatll ever happen