Forgotten Boy

permanent damage
2001-11-28 19:24:35 (UTC)

Sex,Goth and the Realm of Good Taste

As an artist I'm constantly seeking "things" out. The
wierder the better in most cases. I stumbled onto an online
journal yesterday that held my interest enough that I added
it to my fave list for the time being. Just so I could get
into it a little farther. It's paid off though I'm not
exactly sure how yet. Better yet,it's reinforced certain
areas of interest that for the last few years have been,and
to some extent remain,unpursuable due to current domestic
situations. (That's another problem for another day).
I love horror films and am a huge fan of the Hammer
films so it's no big stretch to say that goth imagery is
intrigueing(?) to me. The goth lifestyle,well,it looks fun
but all that dressing up looks to be more trouble than it's
worth. Except maybe on a Saturday night with some hot ass
chick all done up to the 9's. Of course it's all gotta come
off at some point. Speaking of points where the hell am I
going with this? OH Yeah! Goth chicks are hot. I'd like to
keep one around the house,like an xtra pack of smokes
y'know? You may not need it right now but it's good to know
it's there when you do. I could take her out of the closet
and have her vacuum the rug in her little corset. Maybe fix
a little something to eat,light my smokes. Things like
that. She could act out scenes from Poe and Shakespeare,she
could stand on a stool in the middle of the room and read
Naked Lunch out loud. It'd be great. We could go for walks
and she could confide to me all her nighmares. Of course
I'd take good care of my little Goth Girl. I'd keep well
supplied in mascara and latex evening wear. She'd never
want for a new pair of stilettos or crushed velvet
gloves.We could spend cozy evenings by the fire writing
poetry and biting each other. Of course she'd have to be a
lesbian and have plenty of adventurous friends.
Well,that's my dream for the day.
Any takers?