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2001-11-28 18:54:27 (UTC)

I'm not dead, I'm just the opposite :)

Sorry to all you people that acualy READ this, heh. Well, I
have plenty of news :) I have a new g/f, she is great and
empathic and stuff :) I've been doing lots of research on
psychic abilities and so far I've done minor telekinetics,
made psi-balls, meditated properly, grounded properly and I
think I've unlocked my empathic abilities too :)

I've been ver very happy these few weeks (or days, I dunno)
and its great! Even when I have a bad day I seem to be
happy that I'm just alive and well, heh. It could be due to
having a g/f, but I'm not sure.

Oh! I had an odd dream last night. I remember I was playing
with a kid who was much like me, and then when we finished,
he started to talk to me and tell me things. I know they
were very important, but I do not remember what he said!
All I can remember is that it felt very important... Oh well