2001-11-28 18:48:56 (UTC)


I will love you forever for some reason.
This was never meant to happen. Never ever. It did.
We do not know what the future has in store for us.

One day I will have to let you go because for what ever reason we will bought together. The purpose will have been fulfilled.

The Lord has plans for each of us. We must conform to his Will in our lives. We are both Christians.
It is Will that must be done, not ours.

Fate and Destiny throw people together. However,
it is the Lord over all of us who determines the
final outcome in everything. Nothing is forever.
Nothing is permanent.

One day, I do not know when it will be. But you
will find her. You will have your child. You will
love again. But for now, let us love, laugh, and
live for one another.

Time is the hands of the Lord. Trust in him.
Trust in Us. Let your heart lead you for now.
Let my faith sustain you.

Love, AmericanIrishRose
{Karissa Anne}