Sanity Online
2001-11-28 17:50:59 (UTC)


Damn I really need to start writing more in this thing.
Maybe I'll be in a better mood if I dump it all on the
computer. First of all I need a Big 12 ticket. Ebay just
fucking sucks and I hate everyone on there. Wow, that felt
good to say that. I'm so mad that noone called me when
they got theirs originally while I was in New Orleans to
ask if I needed one. They always do that shit. Michael
was right. My friends need some serious help. I really
think I am falling in love with him. But I'm not sure. I
just hate how when he gets shitfaced drunk he kinda wanders
on his own. When we were in Razoo's I wasn't really
bothered by it, but when I saw him dancing with the chick
with big boobs it kinda irked me. So I danced with the
other hot Marine. I think that kinda bothered him even
though he said it didn't. I mean it's nice to not have a
superpossessive boyfriend, but sometimes you want him to be
a little possessive, ya know? But when we were together
alone all week, it felt soooo good. He paid attention to
me and only me and talked so sweet. Ever since last time
with the mishap at the Metro he's been soo sweet. He used
to never say I miss you, but now he says it all the time.
It feels so good to hear him say it, b/c I'm sick of having
to be the girl in relationships that follows the guy like a
puppy. I need to stand up for myself more, I know I do. I
need to get that bitch status back that I used to have.
Where did that go?? I am just so passive now...I think
senioritis has definitely set in. I just don't care
anymore. The law schools won't look at this semester so
screw it all. Ayres can definitely kiss my ass...I hate
professors that play god. Oh I soooo hate Shakespeare
now. It's a friggin writing component elective. Screw
it. I only have nine more hours left. HA! Then I'm out
of this hellhole. Back to MY life. Anyways, gotta do
homework and make the trek to campus in the freezing cold.