2001-03-30 00:17:33 (UTC)

today i met alot of people and..

today i met alot of people and i had fun i almost got
spended but my dad cursed the teacher and i was laughing
and i never got in trouble eigther ,i am so cool at my
school i have a boyfriend named andy and we love each other
no dought about it i have to sit in front of him at lunch
and i think teacher are so stupid i hate them i am trying
to get a job butt everybody is full and i am about to start
work at piccadilly i am having so much fun it is so cool
well i reather talk to my brother he is more inportabd to
me and i so happy talking to him he is so nice to talk
to.well i have to go my dad want mme to get to bed you know
i have school and i am 14 so i got to henry johnson the bad
school but i am getting off well got to go see ya later
maybe i can write later then i add more to this one.well
any way i am back lets talk more about guys i love them to
death butt they are so stupid i hate them sometimes butt i
cant help it i have to have a boyfriend it hurts not to
have one cause everyone makes fun of you i am about stupid
boys never talk to me in 7 th grade but now since i have
changed i am beter then those preps and all i know is also
i wanna say i am so mad at my dad he is a stupid man i hate
him i love my mom she is nicer and she dont yell but in a
mouth i am moving in with my sister she is my best sister
we are like best friends butt we are sister and she is
preganet and i cant wait maybe she name it gabrelle or
something like angel ior nichole or ashley after me i
wanna go so i geuss i will catch ya later ok so i will get
on tommoro am talk ok well s-ya peace

love ashley

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