my so called life
2001-11-28 17:36:38 (UTC)

Oh no!!!!

People suck!! SHIT
Saturday I went to this afterparty right.. It was mostly
because this guy I wrote about, let's call him Leo ;)
wanted me to go. He's very very cute, but he makes me feel
stupid sometimes. Anyway, Saturday he was doing all he
could to make me feel special and stuff. It totally worked.
My friend Benedikte was going to this afterparty too, so I
went like 5% because of her, 5% because the guy who was
having the afterparty is cool and 90% because Leo wanted me
to come ;)
So when the club closed, ten of us or so were going to get
in line for taxi, including Benedikte, Leo and myself. But
Benedikte and some guys got a ride with this girl, so it
was just Leo and two other guys and myself. When we were
standing in line we were playing around and stuff. Leo
suddently put his arms around me (I was cold) and
everything was pretty great.
The line was long, and as a car drove by Leo jumped up and
down and looked all crazy. The car turned around and drove
back! That was so weird, we were sure they were going to
yell at us or something. But it was two girls that Leo
knew, so they gave us a ride :) We were six people and
there was only five seats, so I had to sit on Leo's lap ;)
He put his head against mine and it was so weird..
I've always believed that Leo thinks I'm kind of stupid.
Or.. Maybe not, but I never imagined him wanting to hold me
or anything.
When we arrived I sat down in this chair then Leo said I
had to sit with him on the sofa. He put his head on my
stomach and held my hand. We just talked for an hour or so,
he's soo cute. I've always known that he's smart, but I
didn't know he could be this cute. After a while we got up
and I don't really know what happened. Suddently my cousin
called and said that if I wanted him to drive me home, I
had to come RIGHT NOW. I couldn't find anyone, the only one
I got to tell that I was living was the guy who lived
Yesterday Benedikte asked me what was going on with me and
Leo and I said it was nothing, cause I don't think it is
really. We were just messing around. He's cute, but that's
all. She said that we looked cute together and stuff, but
hey, fun is fun or something =)
At school today Ingrid asked me if I wanted to tell her
something. She and Leo used to be really close, I don't
know if they are anymore. I said 'not that I can think of,
no'. She was laughing and said sooo, cool afterparty or
what? or something. I laughed and said 'So Benedikte told
you, huh?'
She said no, two of the guys told her. I was like uhm, what
did they tell you exactly? Why would they talk about me?
Didn't anything happen? she asked. No, not really, I said.
Then she said that Mike told her that Leo and I were
playing around at the sofa then suddently both of us left
and they just assumed that I went home with him. JUHU -
what a nice rumour!!
Geri was like WHAT??!? AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME???
I was like HEY! that's not true! Nothing happened at the
afterparty and then I went home. I don't know where he
went. She was like oh, okay.
This sucks. That made me sound like a slut. I thought
Saturday was nice, now it's just cheap and shitty. BLAH