little mind farts...
2001-11-28 17:27:47 (UTC)

"you smell so good!" he says...

i have this disk. it's a dark blue transparent disk. i
have all of my little stories on it. I love it! It's so
pretty and useful! :0)
you know...i can't go anywhere without my notebooks. I
have this one in particular that is this plain compostion
notebook. I went through magazines cutting out pictures and
little sayings like, "to stop the world just press play."
After i found a few i covered the notebook with the cut
outs. Now when i see anything that strikes something in me
i just stick on my little notebook. that notebook is filled
with everything from my poetry, to important dates, weekend
plans, open mic nights around chicago, and little
spontaneous thoughts. i love that notebook because no
matter where i am if the urge strikes...i can write. good
job huh?
As I said earlier maybe i shouldn't have very high
expectations because it gets me no where, but i really
can't help it! you know that beautiful someone i talked
about earlier? well...i am watching him from a far again
except i think that i am getting to a point where i don't
have to watch from so far away for much longer. I don't
like keeping my feelings on the back burner! i told him how
i felt and i know that i make it more than obivious because
i truly suck at hiding things. lol. i just don't wanna
bring "our relationship" up again because i am scared that
i will scare him away. i suspose that this is a lesson in
patience for me? good things come to those who wait right?
he's definitly worth the wait. I suspose that i can rest
comfortably in our present situation.
my father tells me that this situation is like a pot of
chilli (ha ha, he loves his food!). He says that after you
put all the ingredients together you have to let it sit and
simmer. according to him that is what i should do...let the
relationship "simmer". that was a good analogy, but i
brought to my father's attention to the fact that everytime
he makes a pot of chilli what am i always doing? pick in it
while it's simmering, "is it ready yet? can i have just a
taste? it's fine, can i have some now?" see it's hard to
just let things "simmer" however, i suspose that i should
learn how to.

-michelle :0)

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