Queer Focus
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2001-11-28 16:56:38 (UTC)

It's All Part Of Dating

I have to say that I have heard it all now. I just cannot
believe the audacity of some people and the words they say
and the actions they make. Let me explain. I have a
friend named Sterling who is the greatest thing since the
invention of the wheel. He is a wonderful person to know
and the coolest person you will ever meet. He always has a
shoulder for you to cry on, a couch for you to crash on,
and the open heart that you wish EVERYBODY had. Well,
Sterling was dating this dude named Malcolm. Malcolm
seemed like a pretty nice guy who genuine wanted all good
things for people...one of those quiet, shy, kinda like my
Jordan. Little did we know what evil lurked under his
skin!! A wolf in sheep's clothing, a rat with a veracious
overbite, a serpent in the our Garden Of Eden!! Let me
prologue this by saying that Sterling was so enamorate with
Malcolm since he first met him, and he asked Chance to talk
to Malcolm and find out how he felt about Sterling.
Fastforward...Sterling and Malcolm became a couple and we
all thought that it was a wonderful because Sterling
deserved that...for all he has done for us, and society as
a whole, he deserved to be happy. Little things started to
change, such as Sterling hanging out less and less, not
calling as much...which I understood, with it being a new
relationship and all, time is of the essence to start
bonding. We all have been through it before, where we have
to spend time with our significant other just to get to a
playing field where we can say that we knew one another and
that is all cool with me, that he wasn't around as much.
He needed to establish himself in this new relationship.
This went on for a couple of weeks and then something
tragic happened to Sterling, which I am not gonna go into.
Needless-to-say, if Malcolm was jarred by the experience,
then I would not blame him because, from the outside
looking in, the events that had just taken place, were
nothing to bat your eyes at. But he persevered as well as
Sterling did, as much as could be expected. Things started
to develop, though, within the next couple of days.
Malcolm started becoming more and more distant over the
next week to two, and I just wrote it off as shock, not
really understanding the real culprit. And then it was
over, just a rapid as it had begun, the whole thing...the
relationship, the caring, the comfort to Sterling in his
time of need, was gone. No explanation, no statements,
just nothing. And all Sterling, along with everyone else,
wanted to know was why. What happened?? Why then, why
there, why, why, why?? By this time, Chance was so ready
to be done with Malcolm all together, but I tried to remain
neutral because nothing is ever figure out if everybody
involved is mad with one another. It's been a couple weeks
and Sterling has been trying to get over Malcolm (I know he
has, you can see it in his eyes every time I speak to him),
and then the answers come rolling in. The only thing we
wanted to know was why...why the lies of adoration, why the
need for "space," why the need to say one thing and do
another. Well, this morning Sterling (and his true
friends) got their wish. Malcolm, of course being the
pompous, smart-ass, juvenile stupid bitch that his is
proceeds to tell Sterling that everything that he has done
has all been part of dating. That he lied about caring
about Sterling, lied about wanting to be with Sterling
because it was all part of dating. He said that he never
wanted to be in a relationship and that he did not want to
rip his fucking head off his shoulder. It pisses me off
more than anything that he has met Jordan and I a couple of
times, and he can turn around and tell Sterling that he
"hates us" because we are users and up to no good.
Sterling was quick to defend us because he KNOWS that is
not true, we have never asked Sterling for a thing, other
than to be our friend. And then it turns out that MALCOLM
was the one that was using people and abusing their
friendship and their love. I think is quite the disgusting
wretched scum that exists in this world. He is a lying,
cheating, most un-honorable, no dignity having snake in the
grass. He deserves anything that happens to him, because
he has pissed off a whole ass of people off and now it's
payback time.