2001-03-30 00:05:20 (UTC)

sorry to keep you waitng........

sorry to keep you waitng......

So the B52's with "loveshack" came on and me and her were
just happily dancing away... Then she asked me something, I
remember it so well considering it was 5 years ago.
Well she asked me whether I found her attractive.....
(Like duh.. YEAH!!) I did not say that to her of course but
I told her yes..... You see she did not tell me this I
found out from a friend later that the night before she
asked me to go to this club she had just dumped her
boyfriend for 2 years claiming that "things were just not
working out"
Well I responded with a quick yes and her motions against
me were getting stronger and stronger almost as if we were
making love on the dance floor. THEN IT HAPPENED..... she
just reached up and just kissed me on the lips FULL ON!! I
had to do what a guy had ton do and respond and we ended up
snogging in the middle of the dance floor. Well I was
suprised. Well I was quite annoyed at first (Strangely?)
because I thought she used me to cheat on her boyfriend
(which did not appeal to me much!) Like I said later I
found out that she had dunped her boyfirend before hand,
and that really made me feel better about myself...

Well we talked and we drank a bit more in the bar and we
finally worked out that we would be boyfriend and
girlfriend (talk about on the "rebound" or what?)...

That night I was buzzing it was as if a dream had come true
from the night of the x'mas dinner I was secretly hoping
that this would happen and it did!!! (How bizzare?)

Well we have been together for 4 months. When in "volts"
one night (It became our favorite haunt) she hinted that
her parents were going away next weekend for a holiday so
we had the house to OURselves...... notice the word "OUR" I
thought for a second, and although she never talked about
it I knew what she was implying "SEX"

Damn I thought about it and thought about it even more but
I realised then, that I would probably lose my virginity to
this girl. and at the time I thought nothing of it,
actually I was kind of looking forward to it..

So the weekend rolled on and I invited her out to a 18th
birthday party at "JOE BANANAS" in Croyden, the person who
was having this party was a friend from my sixth form and
loads of my friends from 6th form were there partying and
drinking, at this point entering bars and clubs was not
really a big deal anymore.... But it was always good fun
getting in and getting drunk amongst the legal drinkers (It
made you feel important..) So I introduced her officially
to the lads of the group.. I better explain that...

There were quite a few people in my so-called group of
firends to name but a few. Lawrence was a blonde guy the
thing that stuck out about him was that he liked to think
he was racist but then why was he going out with people
like me? Nevermind, anyway he was dating a girl then called
Sarah who he was only seeing for 2 weeks prior to this day.
James B, and James Y, they were the 2 james the first was
a complete nick carter look alike all the girls fancied
him, he would always pull when we all go out but he never
had a steady girlfriend (Until recently!!) James Y, he was
a little lad but I remember him always getting on peoples
nerves for some reason he never got on really well with
anyone except James B. Roland and Stuart , they were both
guys that I have grown up with, since junior school. Roland
actually lives only 2 roads away from me. We used to do
everything together the three of us. build bases, go
fishing, we got drunk together for the first time as
well... Roland was a intelligent guy but he was really
short tempered and got frustrated when things never went
his way, Stuart on the other hand was not really
academically minded and prefered to make friends with
everybody rather than study and work, he was also the type
of guy who would pull but not havce a steady girlfriend
(Well not longer than 2 weeks anyway!!) Then at that
particular party there was Lawrence's brother Justin and
then girlfriend, Emma and also justins best friend Ian and
his now Fiancee Kathryn...
They were only a few but I will introduce people as I go

So I introduced her to my friends and we went about
partying.. It was a really fun night, When the night was
ending though she asked me whether I would like to spend
the night around her house... What can I say?.....

So all my friends wished me luck.....(ha ha ha) as me and
her went up to the taxi rank to wait for the next Taxi...