De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-11-28 16:31:47 (UTC)

Crouching Tiger Hidden Suaku

Wednesday 28/11/01

Finally got my work permit done up today...yeaahhh.... got
up early specially and went down at 10am..heheh..nobody's
there settled it pretty fast...

was supposed to discuss the trip with seyan and kelvin at
1pm..but they didn't call!! so i was about to go down to
meet david at the labs when he called and said he was
tired..(he prob wanna stay at home to watch Dragon Ball
Z..hehe) that's anotehr the end..i
decided to take a nap..only to be awaken..(again)
seyan and kelvin...they came over and we spent a good hour
discussin the trip..we have finalised the plan and booked
our accomodation for the 1st that's good...

more sleep after they left...and my toes were freezin after
i woke up around 9pm...

chatted abit with mami and nai during dinner...nai was
engrossed watchin "Up close and personal" her fave
movie...and i discovered mami is born 3 days from me!! but
a year older though :P

luke then called ..him and chris hardy(whom party i
crashed the other nite) had rented some i popped
over and we watche Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon... for the
1st time for me...hehehe weird eh.... it's funny how much
they like chinese kongfu stuff...and to hear them oohh ahh
about the techniques bring giggles.. : P

next movie was What Women Want...not too bad..chick flick

talked to chris for a while..he's finished his degree...and
will be goin over to California to work in the ski
mountains for some time...then prob goin over to Europe to
find a job...great stuff...

when we dfinished it's already almost popped back
again..and here i am... ICQing wenjia, zhenwei and
bucky...and typing this stuff...

the sun is rising and the birds are chirping...