My Journey to Motherhood and Life
2001-11-28 15:51:40 (UTC)

Car accident!

Our crappy luck continues..... My husband was rear ended
while waiting at a stop light, pushing him into the car in
front of him. Most importantly, he was unhurt. I don't know
what I would do if he was in the hospital or worse. I love
him very much, and I need him to help me get through this
pregnancy. The trunk of the car is all smashed and the car
had to be towed.I hope to God everything works out with the
insurance. We can't afford any more bills!
I have to get better, we need my income and are running
out of savings. This is a major stress on me, trying to push
my self to get back to work when I am too sick.
I haven't been able to eat much, but am drinking some
milkshakes. The doctor says this is ok for a while, if I can
get the fluids in. They are running out of ideas for me. I
can go back to the hospital whenever I feel too dehydrated.
I am not that bad yet. This morning I am feeling fair. I did
throw up right when I got up, but have kept some fluids
Angel, thanks for the wellness vibes! Give me your email,
so I can mail you. (if you want to).
I think my husband is getting tired of taking care of me,
the house, and everything else. He just seems tired and a
little sad.I know that I am. I have cried so hard. I just
want my health and lifestyle back!