I am a goddess
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2001-11-28 14:21:35 (UTC)

What shall i call this today?

Am in a good mood today, maybe its because i actually got
some sleep. 8 hours, which has never ever happened all
throughout the school year. Im at school right now im my
double IT lesson. I'm actually doing work!!!! This day has
been ok actually. For once. I'm in a really good mood
haven't overeaten like usual when im at school. My friend
has been doing my head in. Hes the one who admitted he had
a problem with food. Well he ahsnt been getting much better
and to tell you the truth i don't really care any more. he
says he can't help it but yes you can. You can always help
yourself if you really want to. The thing is im not sure if
he wants to.
Hes started hanging round with Nicola again. Nicola is a
bitch she is the most fucking awful person i can think
of.She loves the fact that she doesnt eat. I have never
said this about anyone but i truly wish she would die.
Nobody brags about their eating disorder unless they are
only doing it for attention. Well im not fucking pandering
to her i hope she wastes away she would deserve it.

This will not put me in a bad mood.

I refuse to let it.

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