Rev. Twitch

Rev. Twitch
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2001-11-28 13:01:51 (UTC)

The Life and Times of a Devotional Attendant

God Help Me!
The extents to which my life's path has diverted from its true fate
leave me with the feeling that I'm the victim of some insidiously
supernatural befuddling.

It all started the day I met myself in an open expanse of field in
an area named for a virgin saint. The hour drawing upon that
most hellish time in a man's purgatorial wanderings. I had
finished cleansing myself of villainous thoughts and was
approaching the apex of my pernicious ritual when I was
accosted by a drooling, slavering, snarling beast. Most vexing
was this image to my weary eyes and most upsetting to my
concentration was this figure which seemed to stagger upon two
legs, shambling in a mockery of dance. I finished my devotions
and was thusly relieved of my previous attenuations and set
about confronting this putrid defamation of bipedal stature.

"A CURSE UPON YOU foul retched beast! BE AWAY WITH YOU!
LEAVE my sight or FOREVER BE BANISHED to that nightmare
realm undreamed of by sane men!"

With these words, the creature raised it's torso and stood erect
glaring at me, it's familiar eyes piercing the very etheric fabric of
my soul. It was if I gazed into a mirror for it's face was my own.
It made no sound, spoke no words, but it's voice resonated
through my skull.

"Speakest not thou of curses and nightmares for thine own
essence shall be in jeopardy."

With this message the figure appeared to shimmer and slowly
dissolve. I stood, transfixed by this terrible prophesy for there is
no doubt in my mind that it's meaning was truly prophetic in
nature. I gazed upwards toward our pallid satellite, grinning
down upon my grief stricken face and I wept.

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