Do I get my lap dance now?
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2001-11-28 08:52:50 (UTC)

There's a smile on the wind

I think I may have actually found a HOUSE to rent. A
HOUSE! A house with a lawn, and a front door and a back
door and no upstairs neighbors and a laundry room built in,
and I can leave the radio on really loud past ten o'clock
at night. It's wonderful. There's a catch, though. Griff
would have to live with me, because he lives there now, and
his mom owns the house. I don't really want that, but
it'll probably drop at least 200 bucks off the rent. It
had BETTER drop 200 bucks off the rent. If I'm paying full
rent, I'm not gonna share a damn bathroom. Ew, and he
lives in a Lisa-friendly environment. Lisa is the Griff-
ruling sorta-girlfriend that Griff can't seem to shake (nor
does he seem to want to.) I just thought of that. Oh well,
I can handle her. She'll probably get hell-pissed that we
sleep under the same roof and make him move out. Then I'll
have the bathroom all to myself. And if not, it'll be one
more thing I'll do that's pissing off Lisa. I find pissing
Lisa off a reason for living. She was convinced that Griff
and I were doing the nasty last year. hahaha, Lisa.
==You're the *only one* in the entire universe who finds
Griff attractive.== Sicko. But anyway, the house is
sweet. Even the rat hole we found behind the oven has
character. I just don't want it behind the oven. Maybe I
can convince them to move to April's room. And it has a
view. A VIEW! It's of trees, but behind the trees is a
fantabulous view of Seattle. It's a sweet pad.

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