A goth's adventures in New Orleans
2001-11-28 08:31:40 (UTC)


I'm in this mood because I'm scorned,
I'm in a mood for total war.-VNV Nation

Today was one of the strangest days I've had in a while.
It was increadibly good, though.

Didn't sleep worth shit last night. . I hate
Anyway, got up and put "Empiers" into my cd player. I LOVE
VNV!!! Put me in the perfect mood.... "I'm here to kick
ass and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum." If
you know where the quote is from you get a prize. ;-) Went
to work in this mood.....

Just before line-up, I hear S. say, "Hey, William's looking
for a roomate." Bah, bah, bah, WHAT?? It turns out that
one of the new girls is dessperatly needing a place.
WOOHOO!! I have a new roomate and she's cute too. ;-)
There are/will be a couple of problems though. I don't
like the idea of living with someone I work with. That
leaves me with some apprehension. Even worse... She's
anal-retentive. She colour codes her cds, it's that
bad.... Hey, at least my place will stay clean. ;-)

The Alley: It was re-opened today. Durring my smoke
breaks, I took a look... NOBODY there... Heh. Randomly
ran into a friend of mine. I asked him, "Hey, do you have
any newspaper contacts?" "Yea, why...." Heh, The Battle
begins.... It was realy strange to look in there and not
see all the things I'm used to seeing there. No Green
Fairy, no beads, just the bar and equipment.

Tomorrow: As of right now, I'm ready to plead out. The
only ride I could find has to be back here by one. There's
no way I could take this to trial and be done by then. I'm
mostly gonna play it by ear, though.

VNV tomorrow night... I am gonna dance my ass off. Ok, I
don't ecactly have one, but you know what I maan.... ;-) I
have sooooo much stress that I need to get out!!