What's up now?
2001-11-28 08:29:03 (UTC)

back again!

Alright so I am back again to write my second entry of like
less than 1/2 an hr...haha oh well...Its like 330 am and I
cant really sleep...maybe I could if I tried, but I need to
finish studying....I'm soo tired though...I just say and
hung out with a bunch of people, that was nice, and I went
on an adventure with Dan :) That was a good time :)
Talked with Jacob and Penny...That was cool too...but now
I'm tired...thats what college is all about I
supposse...right? yeah thats what I thought...something
happened today, and I keep wanting to write about it, but
when I sit here to write, my mind goes blank....ahh damn!
Got a letter from a friend today, that was nice...havent
talked to her in almost 3 weeks...didnt talk to my boy
today, he was too tired for me...haha