My Thoughts, Feelings and Problems
2001-11-28 08:12:37 (UTC)

What just happened to me??


You won't believe what happened to me, even I can't! I
feel free and safe to type it here because I don't think
anyone would be interested, anyways.
All right, weeks ago I realized I had a crush on
Jeffrey. The kind of crush that leaves you thinking of that
special someone 24/7 and the the kind of crush that leaves
you talking about that special someone 24/7. Let me just
put it this way: A VErY HUGE CRUSH!
Then guess what happens next?! Well, I find out he has
a girlfriend. And guess who's his girlfriend?! My neighbor
Kathleen. I mean, I see Kathleen mostly everday doing weird
When I say weird things, I mean WEIRD THINGS! My room
is right across of hers. We have a short fence deviding our
houses and she keeps her windows open, so I have a very
easy access looking in there.
I recall one time at 10, when she was about to go to
bed, I experienced one of her weird traumas. She was in her
pjs and was talkling to herself infront of the mirror! She
was saying that she was so beautiful. She was making
compliments about herself! I mean talk about conceited and
VERY weird! After like what seemed to be 5 minutes of
peeping she grabs a plucker and suddenly plucks a hair out
of her nose. ''Kathleen, how can you walk around with a
hair sticking out of your nose?'' She actually said that
and I just laughed on how ridiculous she was.
Their are more moments...but I'll post them later.
Do I have the right to tell Jeffrey how much of a
lunatic his girlfriend is? I'd kill myself if someone told
me my boyfriend was like that!
All I can do now is laugh. Kathleen needs some
therapy. Major therapy.