Puzzling out my life
2001-11-28 06:43:35 (UTC)


I sent Patrick a letter today. I don't know if I should
have, considering everything that has happened lately. I
just felt bad, because I found out that Jen has been
telling Scott a bunch of lies about me, saying that I was
throwing myself at Pat and the advances weren't wanted. I
also heard rumors that she told Pat that I was only using
him to make Scott jelous, and I really had no interest. I
hated that he might htink that was true, but it would make
sense as to why he would have made no attempts to contact
me, even though I'm sure he has ways of getting my phone
number. I also can see now why that letter I wrote to Jen
went unanswered. I don't know what is wrong with her, but
she obviously has something going on. I feel bad about the
letter though, because of Scott. He told me that he really
doesn't like Pat, for obvious reasons, and that he would
prefer if I didn't try to contact him outside of faire. On
one hand, I understand completely why he says that, but
then, I hate that he thinks he can tell me what to do. I'm
not dating him, and I can see whomever I want. On the other
hand, Scott has also told me he doesn't want me seeing
anyone else at all right now. I think that is extremely
unfair. Just because I can't seem to stay out of bed with
him does not mean I belong to him. Regardless, I hope that
Patrick does write me back. I'd like to talk to him again,
and I'd like to get this whole mess cleaned up before
January, since we have a guild meeting then, and the last
thing I need is more drama at Faire.