ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
2001-11-28 06:33:38 (UTC)

secret agents, webcams and lifeguards...

This morning, I was the centre of attention on the main
beach here on the Coast.. I had the sole attention of a
man in England on the mobile phone.. and countless others,
watching via live webcam!

I had policemen, lifeguards, sunbathers, onlookers.. all
watching me, laughing, smiling, pointing, giving advice..

It was wonderful! I was truly in my element.. :)

On the Coast here where I live, they have a live webcam set
up on the main beach.

I rang Blunt, my Antipodean fellow secret agent, the Best
Friend I've Never Met (tbfinm).. and told him to watch the
website, and tell me when he can see me.

Easy enough, you would think.. lol

I made a sign (not quite big enough.. ) that said, "BLUNT..
WE LOVE YOU.. TROUBLE & MONEY PENNY" (my friend was with

We stood giggling on the prearranged spot, that supposedly
was the optimum spot to be, for him to see us. Apparently
not, as it turns out. Apparently I should have checked the
website again before leaving the house, to make sure it was
in the exact same spot as it was last week. Apparently it's
not.. lol

Three sunbathing beauties were laying there, giving me
advice on where to go and stand, then asking if he (blunt)
was single and how old... lol

Then a lifeguard came down from the surf club to help me
out. I gave my mobile to him, and he's talking to Blunt,
trying to work out what he can see...

Everyone was watching, everyone was laughing and pointing,
it was such a great fun thing to do.

Me and my sign.. lol

Oh, and WATCH THIS SPACE.. I'm going to do it again
(Operation Sand Man) and I'll make the sign in the sand
this time.. and do it properly, in the correct spot (after
checking the cam's position, online, first!)

The best part was trying to answer everyone's questions,
about "who is blunt? who is trouble? who is money penny??"

the juju queen.. live from Down Under :)