ambiant pisces
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2001-11-28 05:07:36 (UTC)


procrastination is an incurable disease...i have waited so
long to do any college materials that i'm paying back for
it now. essays are due really soon and i have to go through
all the scholarship search. it takes a really long time and
a lot of aggrevation and it's pissing me off. i think i'm
going out way too much and getting way too tired very very
fast. last night i was supposed to do my essays and finish
up my physics for my test. but then i can't resist hanging
out with my friends. brownies, dancing, and staying up late
with your best buds...what's better? the worst part was
that i felt horrible for falling asleep on them. i don't
think it really mattered since they talked while i slept. i
just woke up a few times and muttered something or make a
little chuckle and closed my eyes again. i had no idea what
they were talking about except that i remembered i agreed a
few times. her bed was so comfortable! i just couldn't
resist. anyhow, i don't want to do that again if i was to
fall asleep...because it must suck to hang out with people
who fall asleep on you. well, i ended up going home at one
thirty, hit the hay as soon as i got home, and woke up late
the next morning (it was cold). i feel asleep in calculus,
latin, and physics. hehe. i had so much homework to do. and
i have no idea what my calculus homework was because i
forgot to copy it down. i fell asleep once i got home from
school two hours later than i was supposed to. and woke up
just now to do hw. at least tammy's on to talk to, and anh,
and my hotty :p.

i'm boring you with my life...ciao babe.