2001-11-28 05:06:37 (UTC)


So..once again I was lured in by one of my friend Nick's
little online games. It was asite that told you what
religion you should be. this is what it said for me:
1. Unitarian Universalism (100%)
2. Secular Humanism (95%)
3. Neo-Paganism (86%)
4. Liberal Quaker (84%)
5. Liberal Protestant (84%)
6. New Age (69%)
7. Atheism and Agnosticism (66%)
8. Theravada Buddhism (66%)
9. Mahayana Buddhism (60%)
10. Reform Judaism (59%)
11. Taoism (56%)
12. Bahá'í (56%)
13. Orthodox Quaker (50%)
14. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (45%)
15. Sikhism (45%)
16. New Thought (44%)
17. Jainism (42%)
18. Scientology (42%)
19. Latter-day Saint (Mormon) (40%)
20. Conservative Protestant (33%)
21. Hinduism (29%)
22. Orthodox Judaism (26%)
23. Islam (23%)
24. Jehovah's Witness (19%)
25. Seventh Day Adventist (18%)
26. Eastern Orthodox (18%)
27. Roman Catholic (18%)

Which is very amusing to me as I was raised catholic and I
practice being Agnostic..which doens't really mean
practicing anything at all. *smiles* That's really beside
the point, it's still an amusing surgvey.
My hips hurt..which can be attributed to the large number
of boxes and stuff thatwere pasked today with Ogre's help,
(he's my ex).
I have this volunteer job called a Dungeon Master..anyone
thatplays roleplaying games knows what it is..and there's
another system with Story Tellers..essentially these people
tell a story other people play in. And they knw and
moderate the rules. I do this volunteering on a chat..
www.swordsorcery.com . I like my job..but sometimes I just
want to strangle people..they're so irritating. They want
to argue every rule or tell you they know you're wrong when
you know the ruling wa made and they justhaven't taen the
time to noticeit or read it. And the chat that has ST's
has it even worse.
Moving on to a totaly different subject..my ex husband,
David, is an A-1, First Class, Asshole. We fight a bicker
all the time..he's the father of myd aighter Kira..and
after he joined the airforce he became this ...thing..he
decided how he'd be talked to in public and how the house'd
be run and any number of things..and he seems to get worse,
not better, ad time goes on. When I told him I was
pregnant , he called me up to tell me what a horrible
mother I was and a bad person and I as teaching Kira to be
a slut and I hung up crying. Granted he wouldn't have had
the satisfaction of making me cry if not for my hormones,
but still..what was the point? His new wife, Renee, though
is a pleasure to talk to..I like her fineshe's sweet and
soft spoken and loves Kira s much as I do. I should just
tell David I'll never talk to him anymore..just Renee..I
bet that'd piss him off. The only problem is she's
submissive and does everything he tells her..just like a
good little wife should *barfs* No one else cares that I'm
pregnant..everyone else is happy for me. And he has the
nerve to alienate his parents..it'sick..somewhere in his
tiny little brain he's decided they did something very bad
to him..and now eh's torturing his mother into thinking
she's done something wrong in raising him..she's
heartbroken. And she's a great person. If not for her and
my mom..I don't know what I'd have done sometimes. And
she's treating this baby like her own grandbaby..the whole
family is. it's amazing.I don't know what I did to get that
lucky..but I'm glad she's like that.