LayD Haze

LayD Haze
2001-11-28 04:28:15 (UTC)

realized...'s kinda hard when u realize things. When reality
hits you. Damn...i guess this is what fate had in store for
me...owell, maybe i just wasnt' one of the ones to be

a poem i wrote:
Nothing but a dream

The sweet nectar of your kiss
Melts ever so slowly on my lips.
Just the thought of your very touch
Reminds me why you, I love so much.
Endless nights I sit and wait-
Wondering why this is my fate.
To live without your love.
Took away all my shining stars that lit above.
Left alone to walk in a pitch-black night-
Not knowing if I値l ever regain my sight,
Of a hope that I once knew,
A love-stricken life with only you.
But 奏is all nothing but a fantasy-
Because a love like this could never be-
Because a love like this is never meant for me.

im out..