interesting me
2001-11-28 04:26:22 (UTC)

surgery and my neices

I am in love, I havent been with Andrew for long, but for
as long as I have known him I have liked him, hes been my
best friend and now the love of my life. He has been here
when I needed him most, and I want to be here when he needs
me. Only one problem...........he lives in NY and I dont.
I will be there soon enough, but not like next week like I
want to be. See I told you about the headaches hes been
having and everything, well he told me lastnight that he
has to go in for surgery next week. They found a blood
clot on the left side of his head. Im terrified and
worried. The typical guy he is told me I dont need to
worry and everything will be fine. Even so Im gonna
worry. I love him so much and I want him to feel better,
so Im glad that we know what it is and how it can be taken
care of. But I have to make a phone call soon, so I better

Oh and as far as everything else Im ok. My neices were
here today and stayed the say with me. I love having them
around as long as I can spoil them and send them home. I
dont want kids of my own right away. After college and my
life with Andrew. But I have 5 month old Layla, 2 year old
Katie, and 5 year old Leslie. So between all of them I
have my hands full. But Layla is sick and we took her to
the hospital yesterday, shes got pnemonia. I feel for her,
but shes all sleepin on my chest in an up right position
just coughin and you can her how her breathin wasnt good.
Katie was just cranky cuz she was tired. And I hadnt seen
Leslie in about 2 weeks, so I was estatic to see her. I
miss them when they arent around. Who doesnt?

Anyway I have to go now.

Andrew I love you more then anything.........

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